Worth knowing about the history of the Old Stringfactory (Alte Saitenfabrik)

In the middle of the green landscape of the upper Saxon Vogtland, the music town of Markneukirchen is the center of the "Musikwinkel" (an area of towns know for producing musical instruments). For more than 350 years, all orchestral instruments have been produced in the countless workshops of the area. In the tradition of masters of musical instrument making, string, plucked, wood and brass instruments have been and are being produced in innumerable variations  for musicians and orchestras around the world.  So in the city with its pretty town houses and its rich tradition music is an issue in every season - at concerts, music evenings or small-scale performances.

In this tradtion, we invite you to spend your time with us. Our rental apartments are located within a building that was built in 1922 as an extension to a Stringfactory that has been in business since 1828. For many long years, it served the music industry that is a main influence and speciality within the region. Strings for musical instruments such as guitars, violins and celli have been made here and shipped worldwide.

In 1991, the production of strings ended.

Die Alte Saitenfabrik - Ferienwohnung Markneukirchen - ein Historischer Blick

Within the 1990s, new apartments and offices were established in the old stringfactory building. Major renovations took place, but the historic character of the building could be preserved. Today, the landmarked exterior view presents itself again with the splendour of a mansion-like visual appearance that the builders of the house intended. Many windows flood the interior with light and warmth.

In 2011/12 the current owners again renovated the modernized the building. Since then, three comfortable and modern holiday homes exist on the second floor of the building. They aim to provide the guests with all amenities for a memorable holiday.