Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are a basis for all services provided and agreements made by the „Alte Saitenfabrik“. Different requests or wishes that are not explicitly accepted will remain nonbinding. This English edition is provided for the convenience of the non-German speaking reader and is a translation of our German AGB. If in doubt, the German AGBs will be applicable for any of our services.

Alte Saitenfabrik (Old Stringfactory) Holiday Homes

Guest Acceptance Contract

A contract for an apartment is closed, as soon as an apartment is ordered in written form or via email and the booking request has been confirmed or if the apartment has been provided. Both sides are requested to fullfill the contract if one has been made.


Reserved apartments are available for the guests on the day of their arrival starting at 15.00 hours and need to be vacated at the day of departure no later than 10.00 hours. Prior arrangements for different arrival and departure times can be made. If no later arrival time has been requested, we behold the right to give any booked apartment to a different guest after 20.00 hours on the day of the arrival. Such an action will not entitle the guest to any claims against the Saitenfabrik. If you will be arriving late, we are asking any guest to notify us / call us.

Duties of the tenant

The rental property may only be occupied by the number of persons previously agreed upon. This number also includes children. Deviations will require the prior consent of the landlord. In the event of overcrowding, the landlord is entitled to charge an additional appropriate compensation for the period of overcrowding.

Special regulations

All of our apartments are nonsmoking-apartments. All guests that smoke are requested to do so outside of the building. Guests are not allowed to bring any pets without prior consultation.
In general, continuous access to the Internet via WLAN can be provided to all guests. However, the landlord will not guarantee the availability of the internet service and cannot be held liable for technical failures of the Internet connection or possible incompatibilities with certain devices.I


If a guest chooses to not use a reserved apartment and it is not possible to rent out this apartment otherwise, the following cancelation fees will apply:

  • Up to 30 days in advance a cancellation fee of 25,- EUR
  • Up to 3 day before the date of arrival: Cancellation fee of 50 % of the total. If changes to rent out the apartment for the same duration can be made, only a cancellation fee of 25,- EUR will apply.
  • After that 80 % of the total. If changes to rent out the apartment for the same duration can be made, only a cancellation fee of 25,- EUR will apply.
  • In case of a no-show, 100% of the total.

Terms of payment

All of our services and the total fort he rent of any appartment are due in cash on the day of arrival. Credit or Debit Cards are not accepted. For long term reservations or bookings over 7 days, we may request a deposit of 10-30% of the total rental amount. If requested, we will provide a method of payment and confirm the deposit via E-Mail.

Liability of the tenant

For any culpable conduct that will result in damage to the landlord and tenant case (apartment and house as well as any enclosures) the tenant carries liability. In case of any damage, the tenant will immediately inform the landlord. For the consequential damages caused as a result of the failure of the tenant to inform the landlord in time, the tenant is liable for compensation. In the event of any disruption to the equipment and facilities of the rental property, the lessee is obliged to do everything reasonable to contribute to correcting the incident or to minimize any damage that may occur. The lessee is responsible for culpable damage or contamination of the leased property and the house as well as all equipment and facilities belonging to the house, as far as the damage was caused by him or his relatives and visitors. If the keys for the rental object are lost, the renter bears the costs of replacing the lock cylinder, including a set of new keys.

Cancelation of Contract

In case of vis major or any acts of nature beyond control we reserve the right to cancel any contract. In such a case, a guest may not request compensation.

Final clause

Our termns and condidations and all of the contracts made between us and our guests the law oft he Federal Republic of Germany will be applied. As far as applicable, the place of jurisdication for any conflicts that may arise the the place of accommodation. Should individual terms of this agreement be ineffective or lose their effectiveness due to later circumstances or should a loophole emerge in this agreement, the legal effectiveness of the other provisions is not affected.

Markneukirchen, February 2019